STARLOSTThe failed Canadian SF experiment The Starlost was CTV’s attempt at producing a quality science fiction television series but quickly turned into a dismal affair, writes Bob Furnell. It’s the year 2790, and a giant spaceship drifts through deep space, out of control, its crew having been killed several hundred years earlier by some horrible… Read More STARLOST

What Has The BBC Ever Done For Us?

That was the question famously asked in 1985 by John Cleesein a two-minute sketch that played frequently for a period of severalweeks.  The British BroadcastingCorporation was formed in 1927 out of the demise of the British BroadcastingCompany, and has operated under a Royal Charter as a public servicebroadcaster, primarily funded by Licences which have to… Read More What Has The BBC Ever Done For Us?


Over the years, British television has produced numerouswell-known classic telefantasy themed children’s series such as “The Tomorrow People, Timeslip” and“The Children of the Stones“.  These series were all known for producingwell-made, well-written, gripping television that entertained millions oftelevision viewers.  Another such examplewas the 1975 HTV series, SKY. The series was created by well known television… Read More Sky

The Sandbaggers

Britishtelevision comes in all forms and perhaps one of the most original, honest,witty and fascinating series was the 1978-80 Yorkshire Television series, “TheSandbaggers” about the world of professional secret agents. The seriescentered round a covert elite operations section of British Intelligencecommonly known as the S.I.S. (Secret Intelligence Service), but nicknamed’Sandbaggers’, and their leader, Neil Burnside,… Read More The Sandbaggers

A For Andromeda

AFor Andromeda and its sequel, The Andromeda Breakthrough,were British television’s first serious attempt to create adult science fictionsince the Quatermass serials of the 1950’s. BBC producer John Elliot, from an original storyline from renowned astronomerand novelist, Fred Hoyle, scripted both stories.  While, both stories dealt with the impact ofan alien intelligence upon life on Earth and… Read More A For Andromeda