Multiculturism doesn’t work

Is British Society F*cked?

“Multiculturism doesn’t work”. That was the recent revelation regarding probably the greatest social change the country has seen in the last fifty years. In truth it could work as I am proud to believe that the British people are more liberal and accepting than arguably any other country. What has failed is rushing through legislation and turning a minority into a “protected species” whilst those who are in the majority who question such actions are labelled bigoted. Immigration for example is a made up fear. It has gone on for years and perhaps the previous regime deliberately loosened the laws but the real criminals are the newspaper magnets who create feelings of fear, chaos and indeed breed racism by sensationalist headlines.

“We all have to pay for the deficit”. This is the reason why we’re all in debt. I don’t want to preach about why I despise the Labour party so much, or go on about how they got us into these predicament but the fact of the matter is we are. Despite people working hard and saving it’s all been for nothing. We’re in debt that isn’t our own making.

People are scared nowadays. Part of the problem is a increase in technology. Technology advances technology, however I still believe to an extent it is harmful to ourselves and certainly to society. People no longer talk or communicate verbally instead they use social networking to. We are becoming insular and people don’t even seem to mind or care? Society is being destroyed and people instead of fiddling whilst Rome burns, are tweeting.

EU. Europe. Despite politicians of every party saying it’s wonderful the zeitgeist with the British peoples is far from it. That I believe is the reason we don’t get a referendum on it because they know what they would say. The EU has always been a trading and political union that favours the Mediterranean countries.

In closing I just like to say….well you know.

With thanks to Grant Foxon

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